What Are the Categories of Perks That HappyPerks Presents to Its Companies?
What Are the Categories of Perks That HappyPerks Presents to Its Companies?What Are the Categories of Perks That HappyPerks Presents to Its Companies?

What Are the Categories of Perks That HappyPerks Presents to Its Companies?

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As an employer, you should reward your employees with a wide variety of perks to keep them happy and satisfied. Each employees’ likes, tastes and preferences vary, so it is essential to offer them a choice from a wide range of perks that suit their likes and interests.

Happyperks, through its online portal, has tie-ups with 10,000+vendors from a variety of different categories ranging from F&B, lifestyle, and fitness, travel, movie tickets, holiday and travel packages, etc. Employers can assign perks to their employees via the comprehensive, user-friendly Happyperks portal. Or employees can pick and choose from a range of attractive perks categories according to their whims and fancies to enjoy being rewarded their way. It’s time to perk up your employees’ day the right way!

Below are the categories of perks that Happyperks presents to its companies/employers and their employees –

Offline Merchants/Vendors

F&B – Employees can pick and choose from a variety of restaurants, hotels, and bars according to their likes and appetites. Happyperks offers up a range of exciting F&B choices to its corporates and employees to take their pick from and enjoy a relaxing lunch out with office colleagues or a fun night out for dinner and drinks with their friends and family. Or they could even opt for an evening of cupcakes and coffee at any one of their favourite bakery outlets around the city. Whatever your employee is in the mood for, Happyperks has it covered. Employees are left with rewards that they are happy with and that they appreciate.

Lifestyle, health and wellness – Happyperks offers to its customers, gym and fitness club memberships, visits to the mall, a day of pampering at a favourite spa or salon and other lifestyle and fitness rewards and benefits. Employees can enjoy these rewards at their own pace and at a time convenient to them to give them the rest, relaxation and rejuvenation that they need for all their hard work. Other services include dental care, hair transplants, beauty and salon services and preventive checkups.

In Store – Happyperks also extends to corporate employees perks such as vouchers to their favourite fashion outlets, and gifts and party stores. Perks also extend to electronics and accessories, home stores and home appliances, groceries and regular supplies too.

Travel and activities – Happyperks offers to corporates and employees discounted travel packages and holiday offers. Employees can choose from a variety of dream destinations and enjoy a fun, relaxing holiday with their family and friends. Employees are also rewarded with weekend getaway packages, travel deals and discounts with specific hotels and resorts that Happyperks has tie-ups with. Activities include outings, movies and events, fun and sports, adventure, and amusement parks.

Online Merchants/Vendors

Happyperks also has tie ups with vendors for the below services –

  • Recharge & Bill Payments
  • Travel Bookings (Air, Bus)
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Premium Memberships
  • Rentals (Appliance, Furniture, Automobiles)
  • Activity/ Experiences (Online)
  • Health and Medicines (Online)
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment (Online)


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