How You Can Make Employees Smile Rather Than Laugh at Rewards 
How You Can Make Employees Smile Rather Than Laugh at Rewards How You Can Make Employees Smile Rather Than Laugh at Rewards 

How You Can Make Employees Smile Rather Than Laugh at Rewards 

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Rewarding your employees with the right perks and in the right way can make all the difference between them laughing and smiling at them. If you want your employees to appreciate the rewards and appraisals you give them, then you’ve got to make sure you’re rewarding them with the right things, in the right way.

Here are five ways in which you can reward your employees the right way and make them smile rather than laugh at company rewards –

Give them what they like

You’ve heard phrases such as, ‘The customer is the king’ or ‘The customer comes first.’ Well, in this case, ‘The employee comes first.’ To make your employees appreciate the rewards you give them, make sure you give them what they like. Rewarding them with the right perks according to what sparks their interests is crucial to making an employee happy and satisfied.

Adding a personal touch

Don’t just pawn off any old freebies to your devoted and hardworking employees. Take care and concern in what you’re rewarding them with and put some effort into it. Adding a personal touch to the rewards you give your employees such as shopping vouchers to their favorite stores or a customized birthday lunch at their favorite restaurant will make them appreciate their rewards even more and put an appreciative smile on their face. They will remember you for your thoughtfulness rather than leave them laughing at your rewards.

Have fun, forget work

Make sure to throw in a bit of fun with your employees every now and then and take their minds off work. If they see you in a different element other than the ‘mean boss’ at work, every once in a while, it will help them relate to you and appreciate their rewards more. Also, try spending time with your employees outside the office such as taking them all to a corporate lunch or for drinks after work. This will allow them to enjoy their rewards with their boss, which will make them appreciate it even more.

Employees’ day out 

Plan a whole day out with your employees and take them someplace fun like a movie and lunch or the amusement park. Whatever it is, make sure that your employees can spend quality time with each other and bond with each other on a level outside the office. Organizing an employees’ day out gives them a chance to bond with their peers, juniors, and seniors on a more informal level. It gives them a chance to unwind, relax and value their rewards since it’s on a more personal level.

Freedom to choose their perks

When it comes to rewarding through perks, employees love having the freedom to choose what they like as opposed to having something forced on them. Your choice might not be the same as theirs and what’s the point of rewarding your employee with something that’s not to their liking or benefit? Always give your employees the freedom to choose their own perks and what works best for them if you want them to smile and appreciate their rewards rather than laugh at them.


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