How You Can Ignite Passionate Performance from Employees
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How You Can Ignite Passionate Performance from Employees

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How You Can Ignite Passionate Performance from Employees

Happy and hardworking employees can either make or break your company. Keeping your employees, who devote their precious time, energy and resources to the performance of your company, happy, recognized and motivated is key to the survival and growth of your company. By keeping your employees happy and satisfied at the workplace, you can quickly turn your internal corporate working culture into your competitive advantage.

Here are five easy ways in which you can ignite passionate performances from your employees at the workplace –

Don’t make them wait for appraisal day or that annual bonus

That’s right! Why reward your hardworking employees just once a year when you can do it all year round? Have weekly, monthly or quarterly appraisals and reward contests where employees are recognized for their excellent performances or where they are expected to participate, show off their skills and win attractive prizes. Surprising your employees with a monetary or materialistic reward when they least expect it can boost their confidence and self-esteem and keep them motivated and working even harder all year round.

Perk up your employees’ day with something pretty

If there’s one thing that all employees love, its…perks! Yup, you heard that right. Perk up your employees’ day with coupons, gift cards and vouchers to their favorite restaurants, events, movies, spas, vacation destinations, weekend getaways, the list goes on and the choice is up to you, the employer. You could even leave the choice of perks up to your employees and allow them to pick and choose from a variety of attractive perks according to their likes and preferences because each of your employees is different. Giving them the privilege and power to choose their perks gives them a feeling of importance and leaves them ‘perky’ as a clam!

Customize rewards

Rewarding your employees with perks and prizes is one thing but customizing them according to their tastes, likes and preferences add a personal touch. Employees often feel disconnected from their employers or at the workplace making them feel invisible. Customizing rewards and perks to each employee’s likes make them appreciate your gesture and their reward even more. After all, what’s the point of rewarding your employee with something that they won’t enjoy or appreciate? It’s a waste of your money and their time, and it won’t help achieve the end result, i.e., boosting their morale, motivation, and performance at work which in turn help increase your company’s performance.

KYE – Know your employee

Reward your employee with things that he likes and to do that, you as the employer need to know your employee first. Ask them what they would prefer doing – a relaxed lunch at their favorite restaurant or cocktails at their favorite sports bar. Organize group events with employees that you know are similar to each other and have the same mindset. For example, don’t bring a teetotaler on a night out drinking; he would feel entirely out of place and ignore. Also, an event created by the employees themselves that allow them to have fun and feel rewarded will go a much longer way towards boosting their morale.

Keep company culture in mind.

Last but not the least, make sure to keep the company culture in mind. What are the mindsets and wavelengths of your employees? Reward your employees according to what your company’s core values are and what they stand for. If your employees enjoy a drink during happy hour, take them out for a drink.  If they prefer a low-key lunch, book a reservation somewhere you can all enjoy. Do things with your employees that spark their interest and not just what you, as the employer like to do. Make sure to reward them with things that they like and appreciate, and that is also in sync with the culture and core values of your company.

Follow these five simple tips to reward your employees the right way and ignite passionate performance from all of them.

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