How Employee Engagement On Social Media Can Help When Recruiting Staff

How Employee Engagement On Social Media Can Help When Recruiting Staff

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Social media no doubt provides one of the most effective ways to get people to engage with your brand, and it should form a key part of any 21st-century marketing strategy.

However, while your business might spend thousands creating branded posts, you should not overlook the benefits of encouraging your employees to help out by spreading the word about what it’s like to work at your company.

Employee engagement creates loyalty

There are often a couple of key hurdles that stop your employees engaging with you on social media. Often, they don’t know how to or are too scared to say something in case they get into trouble. These two factors could cause immense frustration among your workforce.

Employees who have the tools to interact with your company effectively may develop a bond of loyalty to your organization because they feel involved with what’s going on behind the scenes. This can make Recruiting Staff easier because they will provide first-hand opinions on what it is actually like to work for your business.

However, to ensure that your employees do not stray too far away from your brand guidelines, it may pay dividends to teach them about the pitfalls of social media, explaining the legal jargon in clear and concise terms to ensure full understanding throughout all departments. After all, you don’t want them to say anything negative about your business on social media in case it harms your chances of attracting the top talent.

Employees can provide authentic engagement

When your company’s social media activity is not exclusively in the hands of a specialist marketing team, you may find that the interactions on your social media accounts increase. The reason for this is quite simple: your employees give your business a human face, and people like to engage with human beings.

Often, people find it difficult to engage with a branded social media channel. After all, it’s usually just a logo, and you don’t always know who you’re interacting with. Using your employees as advocates will provide a way around this problem while still generating leads and sales for your business.

However, it’s not advisable to force your employees to engage with your brand on social media. You should provide all of the tools needed to encourage engagement, but ultimately, it’s a good idea to leave it up to each employee as to how and when they interact with you on social media.

Encouraging your employees to represent your business on social media can be a great help for recruiting staff. However, this is only one strand of the hiring process. When you combine this strategy with the expertise offered by Webrecruit, you are likely to enjoy improved access to the most talented candidates in your industry.

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