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The laws have changed in the corporate workplace when it comes to expecting and working mothers. They are allowed longer durations of leave before and after having their child without any loss of pay. Hard working corporate mothers need a well-deserved break now and then from their stressful, time-consuming jobs.

Happyperks, through its comprehensive, user-friendly website, offers up a variety of attractive and rewarding perks to working mothers. The perks categories range from F&B, travel, lifestyle, leisure, entertainment, and fitness. So working corporate mothers can choose between a day of pampering and relaxation at their favourite spa or lunch and movie at the mall with their besties. Whatever working moms are in the mood for, Happyperks has a perk for every mom!

Here are a few ways in which you can give hard-working mothers the choice to choose their rewards at the workplace –

Give them options

If there’s one thing that women love, its options, options, options! That’s why they love shopping so much! As an employer, if you’re looking to reward all the working moms in your office the right way, leave the choice up to them and give them as many choices as possible. Some mothers might prefer a quiet, intimate dinner with family while others might prefer something more lively like drinks with their gal pals! Whatever their choice may be, give them as many options as possible so that they have variety.

Give them flexibility

Working moms have many responsibilities besides those at the office. They have family back home to take care of, not to mention a kid that needs a lot of love and attention. Giving them the flexibility to avail their perks and rewards make them appreciate and enjoy their rewards even more. Allow them the option to choose when they would like to avail their rewards without fixing any deadlines or expiration dates. With their busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, working moms would prefer having the flexibility to choose when they would like to utilize their perks and rewards.

Give them regularity

Make sure to reward all the hard-working moms who work for you as regularly as possible without making them wait for annual appraisal day. Sure, yearly bonuses, pay hikes, and recognition awards are well and good, but they come only once a year. Reward working moms quarterly, monthly and even weekly to make them feel motivated and ignite a passion in their performance. Remember, mothers, are some of the most hardworking people out there and can do wonders to boost the performance of your company if you reward them the right way!

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